Tech-Enhanced Summer Learning for Kids

Summer is such a fun time, but it can also be a great time for kids to learn in interactive, engaging ways. By using the proper tech, you can make your summer break a learning experience filled with fun.

Learning with ease- Educational Tablets

On the kid’s tablet, you have a special educational type of app and games, including Math, Science app and games, Reading apps and games, and Art & creativity. Applications on these tablets are usually restricted as well which means your children will be forced to dedicate their tablet time to learning.

Hands-On Programming with Interactive Coding Toys

Interactive toys like robots & coding kits introduce kids to the basics of coding Play with these toys making the right coding concepts can be an exciting way to learn new concepts physically and become aware of computational thinking and logical problem-solving earlier on in their lives.

Building a Love of Reading With E-Readers and Audiobooks

E-readers and audiobooks can get children excited about reading Also, a lot of e-readers have functions such as adjustable text sizes and inbuilt dictionaries, which means the whole reading experience can be pleasant and engaging. Audiobooks are a great way to manage the time I spend driving or lazing about at home.

STEM Kits and Monthly Subscriptions: So Cal Science and Engineering

STEM Kits & Subscription Boxes: Physical activities that come to your door in the form of kits and subscription boxes. Build-it-yourself kits are made up of various science and engineering experiments that are designed to support children in learning different science principles.

Educational Applications – Educational App – Learning will be Playing

Educational apps can cover math puzzles, spelling games, and even art or music lessons, and the list is endless. Learning apps make education enjoyable but then again — an ABCmouse Prodigy or Tynker is not going to cut it.

Building and Understanding Circuits with DIY Electronics Kits

Projects, where kids learn about circuits and electronics via hands-on DIY electronics kits, are exemplified by sets from LittleBits and Snap Circuits. These kits promote creativity and provide a basic understanding of electronics.

Language Tools: Learn Another Language

Rosetta Stone & Babbel Provide Engaging Language Learning for Kids Children learn many languages much faster and more interestingly through interactive lessons, games, and videos.

Contest Software: Decorate that Talent

Creative software such as drawing, music composition, and video editing. Other programs like Tynker for game design and GarageBand for music creation, fall under the realm of the creative aspects that are being developed, as well as Adobe Spark for the kids who are integrating video editing.

Summer learning using tech can provide countless opportunities for kids to learn new things, Build important skills, and have some fun doing so. And by adding these tech tools and resources to your child’s summer schedule you will be making the break a little bit less of a broken vacation, and a little more of a vacation to discovery and learning. Take advantage of tech to keep your children active and learning this summer.

Are you ready to keep your children engaged this summer in an enjoyable and learning way?

Reach out to us to learn about our favorite tech tools and resources for summer learning. You’ll want to keep your kiddos engaged, intrigued, and ready to learn through the season!