10 Ways to Help Your Devices Beat the Heat

Temperatures are rising, and it’s not just humans who struggle in the heat-it’s hard on our gadgets too. This could lead to the deterioration of electronic components and even battery life and in an extreme case even result in data loss. So, how can you protect your devices from extreme heat?

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

With direct sunlight, your device overheats quickly… How far we can carry) in case you also avoid devices far away from the sun as well. If you are outside, use the device in the shade, or make your own shade by holding an umbrella or a screen over it if feasible.

2. Use Cooling Accessories

Spend some money on cooling accessories like laptop cooling pads which can help in keeping it at the right temperature. For mobile devices get a case with a fan or heat dissipation.

3. Limit Intensive Tasks

However, the more demanding the applications or games you are running, the more heat may be produced. On hot days, doing less or using them in cooler areas is a safer way to use these technologies.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Features

Disable all the Features: Keep Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location services, etc. OFF whenever not in use. These generate extra heat. Also, kill the unused process running in the background.

5. Regularly Clean Your Devices

Ventilation and cooling: Dust and debris can build up in vents and even fans and this build-up can reduce the ability of your device to keep itself cool, do be sure to keep your vents clear. Devices that are not cleaned regularly to enable proper airflow For vents and fans, brush out dust gently or use compressed air.

6. Keep Batteries Cool

Heat damage: Batteries are extremely vulnerable to heat damage. But, keep it out of the hot car or around the advanced heating process. If your devices are cool to the touch, they’re fine for your laptop to work, you just have to give them a rest and they will cool down.

7. Use Power Saving Modes

Almost every device has power saving mode these days which slows down the performance to save on battery and reduce the heating. You should enable these modes for maximum performance and a more cooled device.

8. Store Devices Properly

Store all your devices in a dry, cool place when you are not using them. So, avoid leaving them in hot places like your car or near windows.

9. Backup Your Data

It is not uncommon for such factors to cause surprise failures when driven to extreme heat. To prevent losing critical data when your device overheats and shuts down, be sure to frequently back up all of your data.

10. Use Professional Help

In case your device overheats more often and displays signs of heat damage, it is time to seek professional expertise. The technicians may clean the inside of the laptop, apply new thermal paste, and replace the spindle fan and the plastic housing.

Ready to keep your devices cool and safe this summer?

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