Your home's tech support, with the warmth of family.

Feeling overwhelmed by tech issues at home? Empower your home with AT Home Technology Services that seamlessly connect your family, enhancing the tech-driven quality of life. 

IT Expertise

Our team of certified professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every tech challenge. From the latest smart home innovations to essential computer maintenance, we ensure your technology is in expert hands.

Reliable Support

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is always just a call away. Our dependable tech support is here to swiftly resolve your IT issues, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum convenience for you and your family.

Personalized Service

Our approach is tailored to your environment and specific tech setup, ensuring solutions that are not just effective but also personalized to your home and lifestyle.

Enterprise Level Cybersecurity Bundle for

$9.99/mo per system

  • Introducing Our Family-Friendly Cybersecurity Package: Robust protection at a family budget-friendly price.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with features tailored for every home: Advanced Anti-Virus, Malware Protection, Proactive Threat Monitoring, and Immediate Remote Support.
  • Don’t let tech worries hold you back. Secure your digital haven today!

Ready for Worry-Free Tech? Reach Out to Us!

Explore Exceptional Service​

No More Hassle, Just Solutions.

Data Recovery and Transfer

Losing data is never easy, but our Data Recovery service is here to help. Our experts use advanced techniques to retrieve lost files, ensuring a seamless transfer to get you back in control of your digital life.

Virus/Malware Detection and Remediation

Eradicate harmful viruses and spyware, and resolve performance issues, for a smooth, secure, and efficient tech experience.

PC Maintenance

Keep your computer in peak condition with our PC Maintenance service. Our skilled technicians perform regular check-ups and optimizations, ensuring your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

Simplifying Technology, the Family Way

Expertise meets empathy at AT Home Technology Service. Our experienced team specializes in personalized tech solutions for your home, providing reliable, friendly support every step of the way.

Your Tech, Our Care.

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Customers reviews

“THANK YOU for responding so quickly to my request for technical assistance with my computer issues. Not only did your team immediately schedule time for me but your technician Michael Ott was very professional and kind, and solved the problem! I recently moved to California. When my computer stopped working, I could only think of calling Geek Squad in Best Buy because I didn't know anyone in the area to call. Unfortunately, my experience with them was a big zero. AT Home Technology Service came to mind.

I was so pleased to find out that your company offers at-home remote computer assistance. What could be better - a company I know and trust, available to solve my computer problems, from the other side of the country! I will be joining the AT Home program, for a very reasonable monthly fee I might add, to keep my computer safe, secure, and working!

Thank you again, AT Home Technology Service to the rescue!”

Janice Ramsey

"I know next to nothing about Computers. I couldn't figure out why my Printer stopped working. I called At Home Technology and they dispatched a Technician to my house the very next morning. Within the hour the Technician had diagnosed & repaired the issue. My technician was kind, patient and explained to me what potentially could've caused this issue in the first place. Incredible Service! At Home Technology was excellent!!!"

April Ruiz

"My laptop wouldn't power on. In a panic I called At Home Technology Service. At Home Technology Service was able to see me the very same day, they had my Laptop back up and running within the hour! Fast, reliable, and patient. Highly recommended!"

Angela Stankiewitch

“We have loved working with PCS At Home Technology Group! From the initial installation of their monitoring and threat software through their ongoing support, they have been responsive, professional, and effective no matter what we have asked their help on. My wife and I both work from home, so having our computers, printers, etc., up, and running is really important to us. It is really nice not to worry about getting help when we need it. Gabe”


"I brought my HP laptop computer into At Home Technology and they did a great job fixing it. Initially, they made some changes that needed to be personalized for me and I returned it. I went through the changes with Mike Ott one-on-one and he did an incredible job responding to my concerns. Mike was very cordial, professional and responsive and there was no additional charge. I would highly recommend At Home Technology services to any potential customer. "


“I have used this company over the past 20 years or so. They always come through for me and are so easy to work with all of the time. I highly recommend them for all your tech needs, especially if you are still rubbing two sticks together tech wise like I am. Amazing what they can fix remotely. Also very fair pricing. Nice to be able to count on fixing what needs to be fixed.”

Mike DiBenedetto

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